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Liver Failure from Tylenol & Other Non-Prescription Pain Relievers

Acetaminophen (APAP) is the number one cause of drug-induced acute liver failure in the United States. This statistic is now widely accepted and recognized in the medical community. APAP is found in over two hundred non-prescription, over the counter medications (OTC) available to the public. For example, acetaminophen is the only active ingredient in Tylenol. It is also a component found in a vast number of prescription medications, such as Darvocet, Percocet, and Hydrocodone. This summary will focus primarily on the following, to wit:

The Tylenol/Acetaminophen Attorney Experts

Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, Excedrin, and other over-the-counter pain relievers, is the number one cause of acute liver failure in the United States according to the FDA. Over 50,000 visits to emergency rooms, 23,000 hospitalizations and 450 deaths per year are directly related to acetaminophen.


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